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Commercial plowing

Don't let nature disrupt your business

Midwest winters can be absolutely brutal! Don't let the destructive forces of nature bring your business operations to a halt. Get the plowing services your company needs  from the professionals at Skoch Enterprises today! Our prompt service will have your parking lots cleared and have you ready for business in no time.


We use a  tri-chloride compound for de-icing. It outdistances traditional deicing materials to achieve safer, bare pavement - faster than salt or abrasives alone.  It also decreases the tracking into your business that is normal when sand alone is used.  We will help in keeping your entrances clean while keeping you and your employees safe.

Plowing services include:

• Snow Removal

• Driveways

• Parking lots

• Sidewalks

• Per event or annual contracts available

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Hour service

We know that Mother Nature doesn't do her worst when it's most convenient for you. That's why we have 24 hour emergency services available to all of our customers.

All businesses will be cleared before 6:30 am.

Get the plow services you need today

Want to extend the same great, affordable plowing services to your home? Check out our residential page for more information, or call us today!

The C Plow is the latest tech. CTA-Icon

Click below to view our Hiniker Snow Plow in action!